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"Growing stronger together"

~ Enedina Robles

"Melancolie". The artwork created by Albert György (living in Switzerland, but born in Romania) can be found in Geneva in a small park on the promenade (Quai du Mont Blanc) along the shore of Lake Geneva.

Welcome to my practice!

"Growth is painful.

Change is painful.

But nothing is as painful 

as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."

                       -Author Unknown

Therapy is less about curing and more about healing the pain and suffering that you are carrying on a daily basis so that you can live, and not just survive.   

When we heal we are invited to bear witness to our emotional pain so that we can move through it and live a life of integrity that we can be proud of.

It may get uncomfortable.

We may meet resistance.

But this is where we will see the growth and fulfillment that you have been yearning for.  


As your therapist, it would be a privilege for me to walk this journey with you and/or your loved ones, holding the relationship, supporting and guiding you along the way. We can help you grow stronger and wiser together. 

Hello, I'm Enedina A Robles 

As a therapist licensed to practice in California, I specialize in working with the following populations: 
~Perinatal Mental Health (Perinatal Mental Health Certification from PSI)

~Supporting parents during all stages of parenthood 

~Survivors of loss (including loss in pregnancy) 

~Young adults experiencing life transitions 

My goal is to help you to learn and understand your emotions.  In doing so, we learn how the reactions to your emotions fulfill you or hold you from living the life that you desire, and how to bring your emotions to focus to work with them and not against them.  Essentially, I want to help you to not feel "stuck" again.  

I use a variety of treatment approaches with my clients.  No one treatment modality fits all.  To better serve the needs of my clients, I continuously invest in training and certifications, and have given specific focus to the women/couples with depression/anxiety in the perinatal period, young children, trauma, and parenting.  I use an Eclectic approach to treatment in which I draw upon various aspects of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trama-Focused Therapy Relational Psychotherapy, EMDR training, Internal Family Systems, and psychodynamic methods to create a custom-made treatment plan for you.   Therapy is at your pace, and I will walk with you through the process.  

I work with English and Spanish-speaking children, adolescents, and adults of all ages, in a safe and supportive environment.  I also offer teletherapy when appropriate for the Client. 

If you would like more information about how to proceed with scheduling a new appointment, please go to my Services & Rates tab.  You are welcome to contact me using the Contact tab for further assistance. 

Until further notice, all appointments are scheduled via telehealth only.